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    Select Staging Concepts

    Select Staging Concepts stage accessories

    QUATTRO, PILOT, and MELBA Stage Systems provide multiple performance and event solutions and our unique Australian made Stage Systems with additional Accessories add safety and aesthetic appeal.

    Our range of Accessories include Modular Steps; Hand Rails; Safety Chair Border Rails; Timber Edge Fascias; Stage Storage & Transport Trolleys; Transport Trailers; Stage Curtain Systems; Stage Access Ramps; Drama Boxes; Winners Podiums; Stage Scenery Panels; Adjustable Height Legs; Lecterns; Stage Podium Finishes; and a selection of Clamp and Sway Braces to enhance your Portable or Permanent Stage System. 

    Although most Accessories are available as a Standard Style and Size, Select Staging Concepts offer a Custom Design facility for a selection of the Accessory options.

    Modular Stage Steps: 

    • Modular Stage Steps are a tubular metal framed step with timber surface. Steps interlock to form as many as required and are fixed into the accessory groove simply and efficiently
    • QUATTRO Stage Steps have the option of Marine Grade indoor/outdoor Carpet finish
    • Step Hand Rails: 27mm tubular steel handrail slotted into the Step side sockets - removable 
    • All Select Staging Concepts Portable and Permanent Stage Systems with podium height 300mm+ always quote a suitable Stage Step unit

    Stage Storage Trolley

    Select Staging Concepts have an innovatively simple storage and transport solution for our Portable Stage Podiums. A Transport Trolley Kit - Utilising one of the Stage Podiums as the Trolley Floor, just attach the supplied castor wheels and then stack the remaining Stage podiums – up to 20 Podiums per trolley - 40m² of Staging into just 2m² of floor space:

    • Storage & Transport Trolley Kit consists of heavy duty castor wheels, towing handle and a strap
    • Use one stage podium as the base of your trolley –  remove legs - attach a castor wheel at each corner
    • Detach all the legs from your podiums and stack podiums upside down one on top of the other
    • Store Legs in the podium cavity 
    • Stairs and railings stack on top of the podiums
    • Attach Storage Trolley handle and strap to the extrusion on the bottom podium and you're ready to go
    • Transport Trolleys are space efficient 
    • Allow ease of movement from one venue to the next  
    • No bulky trolley to store while Stage System is in use

    Another Transport Trolley option is the Vertical Doorway Access Trolley:

    • Vertical Trolley fits through a standard doorway 
    • Vertical Trolleys are constructed with a side Safety Rail to securely lean stage podiums against
    • Secure Stage Podiums to Rail with Safety Ratchet Strap
    • Up to 8 Stage Podiums stack vertically on each Trolley
    • Ideal for small Stages and Storage Areas

    Safety Hand Rails

    • Visually attractive safety accessory
    • Safe sturdy rail system for both Stage Stairs and Stage perimeters 
    • Are available in 1mtr, 2mtr and 2.4mtr sizes
    • Custom sized Hand Rails available 
    • Standard Hand Rails - 27mm strengthened tubular steel handrail with a metal edge border.
    • Hand Rails with vertical infill rails available
    • Heavy duty handrails have rails in a 40 x 40mm box section for strength & rigidity.
    • Hand Rails affixed to QUATTRO & PILOT Stage podiums and Steps with sturdy plastic hand wheels

    Chair Border Rails

    • Prevent chair legs slipping off the podium and minimising the risk of accidents
    • Tiered Seating Stage Systems - safety option of Chair Border Rails
    • Aluminium Tubular Extrusion 50 x 25mm Rails – Standard Lengths 1m, 2m and 2.4m 
    • Simply attached to rear of QUATTRO or PILOT podium Aluminium Extrusion via T Bolts and Hand Wheels

    Timber Edge Fascia

    • Timber Fascia as an alternative to Valance Curtains
    • Timber Stain Finish or Marine Grade Carpet Finish
    • Solid timber edging and interlocking corners
    • Creates a stage unit without gaps

    Transport Trailer

    • Designed to be towed behind a standard vehicle
    • Road worthy Trailer 
    • Custom made Portable Stage Trailers are a value added service for customers requiring a point of difference with the ability to transport and set up the Portable Stage Systems in totally customer unique situations.
    • Contact Select Staging Concepts Sales Team for a free quote on a Custom Made Storage Trailer

    Stage Access Ramps

    • Select Staging Concepts’ Portable and Permanent Stage Systems custom design options for access to stages for wheelchairs, trolleys, mobile scenery flats and performers.
    • Portable and Permanent Access Ramps utilise QUATTRO or PILOT Stage Podiums. 
    • Access Ramps are safe, secure and efficient
    • Ramps are available with or without Ramp Landing Platforms
    • Every Access Ramp is specially designed to deliver a tailored solution for each client
    • Access Ramps are ideal for Schools; Portable Stages; Permanent Stages; Loading Bays; Multi level access doors; Dignitary dais and Special needs events
    • Select Staging Concepts Access Ramps meet specified Australian Standards and are covered with the QUATTRO and PILOT System warranties

    Drama Boxes

    • Drama Boxes are manufactured in a variety of sizes and finishes to fill every performance and event niche
    • Manufactured from  Radiata Plywood as standard – strong, durable and visually aesthetic    
    • Constructed as standard with convenient hand holds at each end to ensure the Drama Box is completely portable
    • Manufactured in a variety of heights and sizes so may be used singularly or as a set
    • Optional Podium finish - Marine Grade Carpet - selection of colours – for indoor and outdoor activities
    • Optional Podium finish - Timber Stain -  in a selection of colours – ideal for interior use
    • Versatile & Portable
    • Light to transport, easy to stack and display in multiple configurations

    Winners Podiums

    • Custom Manufactured Winners Podiums are specifically suitable for numerous presentation requirements 
    • Award Presentations
    • Sports Place-getter Presentations
    • Expo Displays
    • Product Displays
    • Team Presentation Events

    Stage Scenery Panels

    Portable reusable Scenery Panels are custom made to order for a multitude of performance and event requirements.  

    • Lightweight plywood Scenery Panels covered in carpet ideal for pin or VELCRO® Hook and Loop fastener tape*
    • Mobile – Standard Scenery Panels with Wheels
    • Optional -  feet brackets to free-stand 
    • Carpet covered Stage Panels ideal for VELCRO® Brand Hook & Loop fastener tape – Carpet has a choice of colours*
    • Standard Size Panels  2.5m x 1.2m
    • Scenery Panels may be stored flat or vertical and reused - helps to reduce storage costs
    • Stage Scenery Flats
    • Notice Boards
    • Versatile for almost anything requiring a backdrop or visual presentation
    • Stage can be easily transformed between scenes or events by simply rearranging the Scenery Panels
    • Expo/Trade Fair space dividers

    *VELCRO® Brand is a registered trade mark of Velcro BVBA®

     Podium Legs

    Stage performance requirements are not always for a flat rectangular area, far from it. Whether it is for dance, drama, music or speeches, each stage area needs to be utilised at optimum height capacity. QUATTRO & PILOT Stages don’t require complete new podiums to provide different height performing spaces – just add Adjustable Height Legs or purchase a selection of standard Stage Legs in a variety of lengths!

    • Standard Height Legs available (sets of 4 Legs) – 200mm minimum height to 2000mm maximum height
    • Two Size Adjustable Height  Legs  (sets of 4 Legs) Available - 400mm/ 600mm and 600mm/1000mm 
    • All Legs lock into the Podium Corner Castings with finger tight wing nuts
    • Adjustable Leg system utilises a large plastic foot with a screw- thread for fine adjustments 
    • Each Adjustable Leg has a spring loaded locking pin offering secure height fixing with holes every 50mm
    • Store all Standard Height Legs and Adjustable Height Legs in the Podium cavity on our Storage Trolley Kit
    • Lockable Wheel Leg Units (sets of 4 Legs) custom sized to individual Podium height requirements


    Accessorise every meeting room, church, school hall, lecture hall, board room, auditorium and conference centre with a Select Staging Concepts Lectern. Emphasise the importance of the spoken word with ease – no awkward shuffling of hand held notes and folders – maintain confidence with a choice of quality Lecterns.

    • Timber Post Lectern  - simple Post upright with Lectern Shelf
    • Timber Cabinet Lectern with Drawer and Shelf
    • Customise Lecterns with Timber Stain finish choices
    • Electronic Lectern – modern modular design with optional electronic accessories
    • All Lecterns may add optional Company/School Logo

    Podium and Accessory Colours and Finishes

    • 18mm MAXI Hex Birch non-slip podium option - raised hexagonal Phenolic film, all weather strengthened quality ply ideal for heavy duty situations
    • MAXI Wire 18mm non-slip Plywood used for MELBA Fold & Roll
    • Timber Stain Finish available with:
      -QUATTRO and PILOT Stage Systems
      - Step Units
      - Timber Post Lecterns and Timber Cabinet Lecterns
      - Winners Podiums
    • Timber Stain Colours - Black, Red, Green, Brown, Natural
    • Marine Grade quality non slip Carpet called Raider by Autex -
      -Raider Marine Grade Carpet  is ideal for harsh weather conditions such as wind, salt, rain and sun
      - Marine Grade Carpet is easily maintained
      - Adds sound proofing for stage noise 
      - Ideal choice for Stage Systems intended for use outdoors
      - UV Stabilised
      - Stain Resistant
      - Durable & Hardwearing
      - H. Non Fray
      - I. Static Neutral
      - J. Environmentally Friendly
      - Marine Grade Carpet Colours – Tornado, Blackpool, Marina, Slate, Forest, Cherry

    Klemm-Fix Connectors, Clamps & Sway Braces

    • Klemm-Fix Connectors simply slot into Aluminium Extrusion on all Podiums, tightened by hand with Tightening Tool and secure all Podiums together
    • Leg Clamps - Used for joining different Stage, Tiered Seating  or Choir Riser levels together – Two Way Leg Clamps and Four Way Leg Clamps – just tighten around the adjacent legs for stabiity
    • Sway Brace Brackets – Larger Tiered Stage Systems need to be braced to provide stability. A system of tubes and clamps ensure long term strength and support


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