A little over a year since the launch of the Select Effect social enterprise by Select Staging Concepts, the program has funded over 37,000 meals for disadvantaged school children in Australia.

Thank you to every Australian organisation, which purchased Select Staging Concepts' Australian Made stage systems in May. Your loyalty to our unique Australian stage solutions has given us the ability to fund over 37,000 Smarrt Cookies through RRT in a year.

Smarrt Cookies

We are grateful to each and every one of you, and proud to know RRT is out there working on our behalf to alleviate hunger in Australian school children.

None of this giving back with Select Effect would be possible without you, our Australian customers, and we look forward to providing RRT with funds for next year's hunger solving work.

For more information on how Select Effect works, and how you too may be part of this worthwhile project just by purchasing any of our Australian Made stage systems, please click here.

Thank you Australia – well done!