The science of the flame may seem like an elementary thing since mankind has been burning wood for ages; however the process of combustion is actually a series of complex chemical reactions between a fuel source and oxygen. This exothermic reaction produces more than just energy (heat); what forms is a double oxygen bond (O2), which basically means energy is a result of the molecule being strengthened in the reaction. This is called combustion.

In a wood fire, the energy produced and the resulting flames and heat make it possible for this process to become a self-sustaining form of combustion, such as in a Sculpt fireplace.

The wood combustion process and all its stages - complete, incomplete, smouldering, rapid, spontaneous, turbulent, micro-gravity and micro-combustion - can be calculated; this allows professionals to work on maximising the heating efficiency of wood heaters and minimising pollution. These professionals have the expertise to maximise energy production with the least amount of energy loss, and minimise fuel use and by-product emissions to optimise the process of combustion.

Sculpt Fireplace Collection explains how their products achieve patented optimised combustion.

Most Axis and Seguin models are equipped with DAFS or Double Air Flow System technology. DAFS is a patented method of combustion management that controls reaction mechanisms, air flow, temperature and instabilities in both the primary and secondary phases of combustion. DAFS is an optimised burn system that improves performance right from the initial ignition stage.

The DAFS technology ensures Sculpt fireplace products have more effective burn systems, maximise airflow and heat production, utilise optimal oxygen and fuel ratios, have superior heat output, are eco-friendly, enable cleaner units, glass and flue systems, and have longer burn times than open fireplaces.

Sculpt’s Seguin range featuring the exclusive patented DAFS technology ensures each fireplace is not only an elegant addition to your living space but also offers high operational functionality, warming your home more effectively and reducing pollutants in the environment.

Image: DAFS is an optimised burn system that improves performance right from the initial ignition stage.