A new legislation has been introduced in the National Construction Code (NCC) 2019 to help minimise the incidence of condensation within houses and apartments. Further measures and provisions are being considered in response to demands for healthier ventilation solutions.

What is the new ventilation standard?

Exhaust and Ducting provisions have become more specific, especially in regard to the discharging of the exhausted air. FLOW RATE AND DISCHARGE OF EXHAUST SYSTEMS:

  1. An exhaust system installed in a kitchen, bathroom, sanitary compartment or laundry must have a minimum flow rate of
    1. 25 L/s for a bathroom or sanitary compartment; and
    2. 40 L/s for a kitchen or laundry.
  2. Exhaust from a bathroom, sanitary compartment, or laundry must be discharged
    1. directly or via a shaft or duct to outdoor air; or
    2. to a roof space that is ventilated in accordance with


  1. Where an exhaust system covered by discharges into a roof space, the roof space must be ventilated to outdoor air through evenly distributed openings.
  2. Openings required by (a) must have a total unobstructed area of 1/300 of the respective ceiling area if the roof pitch is more than 22Â °°, or 1/150 of the respective ceiling area if the roof pitch is not more than 22Â.
  3. 30% of the total unobstructed area required by (b) must be located not more than 900mm below the ridge or highest point of the roof space, measured vertically, with the remaining required area provided by eave vents.

Roof space ventilation

IXL Home offers a broad range of ventilation solutions compliant with the new NCC ventilation standard.

IXL’s signature Tastic Luminate range, along with the new Tastic Ovation, Tastic Classic and Ventflo systems maintain acceptable levels of airflow over duct runs to effectively remove excess steam and condensation. This would avoid mould growth and damp spots, negative impact on occupants’ health and wellbeing, and long term structural damage or corrosion.

A trusted brand in Australian and New Zealand home heating for over 160 years, IXL proudly designs and manufactures the Tastic range locally. They come with a 5-year in-home warranty and a 2-year warranty on heat lamps and in-line exhaust for long-term peace of mind.

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