IXL Home introduces new products in the expanded Tastic Neo range including the Neo Vent n Lite module, Neo Vent module and Neo Heat module.

The new IXL Tastic Neo modules provide a quality standalone or additional ventilation, instant heat or low energy lighting option for bathrooms and ensuites as well as powder rooms, walk-in robes, laundries and butler’s pantries in homes and apartments.

15 reasons why designers, tradies and specifiers should choose Tastic Neo modules:

1. Consistent and coordinated design

Recommended for projects requiring a standalone or additional vent or heat, or vent and lighting solution, Neo modules offer a contemporary option that seamlessly integrates with existing Neo Single and Neo Dual products. Visually and functionally, Neo modules have been designed as a natural extension of the current Neo 3 in 1 heat, vent and light models, with added individual ventilation or heat lamp functions or a combination of ventilation and light functions without heat.

2. Different solutions for different requirements

Neo modules can be selected as individual comfort solutions for bathrooms that might need additional lighting, heating or ventilation, or to function as supplementary modules to coordinate with existing Neo Single or Dual units.

Neo Vent n Lite module is ideal for bathrooms that require low energy LED lighting and powerful extraction but not a heating solution.

Neo Vent module is designed for bathrooms that need an exhaust function to be added to the existing heating and lighting functions. It is particularly ideal for placement directly above a shower in larger bathrooms.

Neo Heat module can be positioned wherever users would like extra warmth such as bathrooms, walk-in robes, laundries and powder rooms.

3. Safe and simple to install and service

Neo modules are designed for simple installation using a special leaf spring, while the mounting of ceramic R7s lamp holders to a stainless steel bracket allows easy removal for servicing. Neo modules are constructed from premium materials and rigorously tested to meet Australian standards, ensuring safety during installation and operation.

4. Ventilation is IP24 rated to Australian electrical and wiring regulations

The IP24-rated Neo Vent module is an excellent exhaust choice for installation directly above a shower in bathrooms when extra ventilation is required to meet building regulations. The Neo Vent modules also match aesthetically with other Neo modules as well as contemporary clean-line fittings and fixtures.

5. Designed and made in Australia and backed by warranty

Designed and manufactured by Sampford IXL in Geelong, Australia, Tastic Neo modules offer electricians, builders, developers, specifiers and their clients the assurance of an industry-leading, 5-year in-home warranty with service provided in any location across Australia. Both the in-line exhaust and heat lamps offer a 2-year warranty.

6. Wiring switch flexibility

Neo modules are hardwired to enable electricians to coordinate wiring with existing switches in a project as preferred by the customer or specifier for a consistent wiring aesthetic.

7. Uniform roof line

Extra modules can be seamlessly added to the roof line of new or existing bathrooms.

8. Flush-fitting minimalist design

Neo modules sit flush to the ceiling without intruding into the room space.

9. A great option for tight roof spaces

The minimum clearance of 245mm required for Neo Vent and Neo Vent n Lite modules and a 75mm minimum clearance for Neo Heat modules make them well-suited for multi-residential apartments and properties with tight roof spaces.

10. Powerful in-line extraction

Neo Vent’s side ducted in-line extraction capacity is 375m³/h. When installed as the primary extraction unit, the vent module is best suited to bathrooms up to 18.75m³.

11. Quality omni-directional lighting

The energy saving 3 x 7W LED GU 10 downlights are gimbal-mounted, adjustable and splash-proof, and generate bright, instantaneous, cool, neutral and true to colour quality light, ideal for projects requiring task lighting.

12. Effective even heat

Frosted glass diffuses the infrared heat generated by the 800W tungsten halogen infrared heating lamp, with the heat cleverly directed to spread across the body of the person rather than directly above. The Neo Heat modules are ideal for installing in ensuites and mid-sized bathrooms with ceiling height up to 2.4m. Multiple modules may be required for higher ceilings.

13. Energy-saving features

Neo modules are energy-efficient and economical to operate, aided by the in-line extraction back draft shutter.

14. Solutions for bathrooms in all project typologies

Neo modules offer the perfect solutions for creating light-filled, evenly heated and well ventilated bathrooms in single and multi-storey buildings (residential and commercial), and are available in white or silver powder coated fascia options.

15. Excellent value

Tastic Neo modules offer years of reliable and trouble-free performance and Australia-based warranty at a value price.