From their modest beginnings in a blacksmith shop 160 years ago to a world-class manufacturing plant in Geelong today, IXL Home has evolved over the decades into a producer of high quality, ground-breaking products, building a strong brand and establishing their presence in Australia and New Zealand's premium home appliance industry.

A division of the IXL Group, a proudly Australian family-owned company, IXL Home manufactures and distributes a wide range of highly regarded products from the finest brands such as IXL and Cannon to major retail groups.

Acknowledging the company's dedication to manufacturing locally and setting benchmarks in product innovation and design aesthetic, IXL Home chief executive Chris Dickins said, "Manufacturing locally is important. It creates greater localised investment and job opportunities for Australians, supports the local and national economies, which in turn benefits Australian families nationwide. In addition, local manufacturing allows us greater control over production processes, product quality and manufacturing safety practices.”

"Here at IXL Home, we are committed to providing local jobs and supporting our local communities by keeping time honoured design and manufacturing skills within Australia. Our manufacturing hub in Geelong has more than 30 local employees on assembly and production lines, collaborating to produce the iconic IXL Tastic bathroom unit. Many of our valued staff members have been with us for long periods of time, and in some instances, across multiple family generations."

Given the range of Australian Made products suitable for different environments within your home, IXL's consumer focus is hard to miss, with the IXL Tastic becoming an iconic product in many bathrooms across Australia.

The IXL Tastic Original 3-in-1 Heat, Vent and Light was designed, submitted and produced in 1977. Since the launch, there have been many successful iterations of the IXL Tastic product.

IXL Home also designs and manufactures Cannon gas log heaters in Geelong, Victoria. A leading specialist in home heating, Cannon products are made specifically for Australian conditions. Cannon's heating range adds to both the functional and aesthetic needs of a home, providing high-quality heating solutions with contemporary designs.

When assessing the value of manufacturing these innovative products in Australia, Dickins acknowledges the trust and assurance delivered by the iconic green and gold kangaroo logo on over 90% of IXL products. With the COVID-19 pandemic emphasising the need for Australia to be more self-reliant, robust and progressive, Australian consumers are consciously seeking to engage with certified Australian Made products, he observed.

"The Australian Made logo ensures our customers are aware of the impact their support is having on investment in people, skills, research and development and local industry across the country. Using the logo in export markets is equally as important to IXL Home, as people from all over the world associate Australian Made with high quality products that withstand the test of time," Dickins explained.

"We understand that purchasing products for your home is a decision that isn't taken lightly. That's why our IXL Home products have been designed and manufactured to be the most innovative products on the market – with our IXL Tastic Luminate 3 in 1 Single selected as an ABA100 Winner for Product Innovation and Product Excellence in The Australian Brand Awards (ABA) 2019."

With a proud and rich history as an Australian family-owned company, IXL Home continues to excel in the home appliance industry.