We do things differently at Safetyline Jalousie.

We challenge traditional processes and aim to improve and grow as we go and our team constantly looks for gaps in the industry that we can fill.

But it’s not all down to commercial competitiveness; we also thrive off making a genuine difference both in our industry and in the bigger picture.

Noticing the lack of representation among manufacturers and suppliers in the global sustainability movement, a commitment to positive action from Safetyline Jalousie was well overdue.

This is how Suppliers Declare was born.

We thought we could take the first step in advocating for a better future and encourage others in the industry to follow suit – through a public declaration and a commitment from us in response to the planet’s environmental crises.

Suppliers Declare – our not-for-profit global sustainability movement established in July 2021 aims to shine a light on the need for sustainable practices in the manufacturing and supplying industries.

Key objectives of Suppliers Declare:

  1. Raise awareness of the need for climate action amongst those in the manufacturing and supplying industries and the companies they supply to.
  2. To work towards achieving zero carbon emissions (fulfilling Australia’s net zero by 2050 target).
  3. To minimise the wasteful use of resources.
  4. To share knowledge, research and findings regarding sustainable practices that can be implemented.
  5. To rethink the way we select resources and manufacturer products – considering the environmental impact of our actions.
  6. To highlight the need to be outcome-driven, not money-driven (creating greater accountability for sustainability amongst those in the industry).
  7. To continue government lobbying efforts (highlighting the benefits of incentivising companies to choose sustainable products).
  8. To shine a light on the importance of supporting a circular economy to keep jobs onshore and stimulate the economy.

Founding signatories to the Suppliers Declare movement include Matthew Holloway of Holloway Group, Paul Borg of Supplied Holdings, David Morehouse of E2 Environments, Adam Strong of Viridi Group and Wayne Larsen of PT Blink.

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