Safetyline Jalousie announces that it has become a member company of Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC).

AMGC is a vast non-profit network of Australian manufacturers, industry experts, research institutions and universities working together to facilitate the rapid transformation of the manufacturing industry in the country. Established by the Australian government as a major initiative to drive innovation, productivity, and competitiveness across the industry, AMGC is a growing organisation comprising of over 2,100 members including some of the biggest names in the Australian manufacturing industry.

AMGC aims to make Australian manufacturers globally competitive through research-led innovations and projects that set new directions and standards for the rest of the country and the world. AMGC also aspires to create new commercial opportunities for Australian manufacturers by supporting collaborations between its members and the research and scientific community.

The AMGC impact

The focused government push towards the manufacturing sector has helped create a lot of opportunities in the industry. In its 2019 Projects Report, AMGC stated that it has helped create over 1,200 jobs and generate over $281 million in revenues. AMGC’s reach spans all of Australia, with a range of projects in each state, city, and territory, collectively expected to generate millions of dollars in outcomes. In 2019, AMGC was facilitating more than 40 projects across Australia, with over $27 million of AMGC and in-kind funding committed.

AMGC’s Manufacturing Academy launched in May 2019 allows members to access successful project examples and insights from other members to guide them in accelerating innovations for other future projects.

AMGC projects

In just five years, AMGC collaborations have helped develop significantly beneficial products between Australian manufacturers, some of which are already out in the market. These include: Low-cost carbon fibre composite fenders for the European automotive market; Cloud-connected water purification system for remote communities; Flight simulator for global pilot training; Smart factory for global logistics applications; and Robotic AI welding technology, among others.

Safetyline Jalousie’s role

As a member company, Safetyline Jalousie is eager to learn from leaders and other Australian manufacturers who have made waves in the industry for their partnerships and innovations, and delivered high-quality products and services. The company is also ready to impart their knowledge and insights to this community, sharing with them all the factors that have made Safetyline Jalousie a leading provider of protective, energy efficient, and automated louvre windows; this will help further innovation and boost Australia’s manufacturing sector.

Compliant with AMGC’s collaboration standards for developing globally competitive products, Safetyline Jalousie is inspired to make and introduce new products and services, such as louvre windows that ensure better living environments and better living experiences for their customers.