Architecture makes a meaningful impact in education spaces, with increasing evidence that student learning outcomes are closely related to the quality of the environment in which they learn.

There is growing appreciation of the significant role that good design plays in learning spaces, with factors such as air quality, ventilation, natural lighting, thermal comfort and acoustic performance proven to have a profound impact on teacher well-being as well as student attentiveness, attendance and overall performance.

Beyond designing schools for excellent learning outcomes, architects must also keep durability and safety in mind, given the wear and tear the buildings will be exposed to over the years. Good design and procurement methods have a significant impact on the quality of the final development and its operation.

Learning lessons from completed schemes is one of the most valuable ways of influencing design and further enabling architecture to support the education process.

Over the past 10 years, Safetyline Jalousie has worked with specifiers and school project teams to deliver louvre windows and ventilation solutions to nearly 500 educational facilities nationwide.

Here are 5 examples of Australian schools that have adopted Safetyline Jalousie louvres to help meet their objectives in creating high quality learning environments.

1. Mary Immaculate Catholic Parish Primary School

Mary Immaculate Catholic Parish Primary School

Alleanza Architects have incorporated an abundance of light, space and flexible learning in this contemporary student facility at Mary Immaculate Primary School in Eagle Vale, NSW.

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2. Calliope State High School

Calliope State High School

In the pursuit of maximum ventilation for North Queensland’s Calliope State High School, Biscoe Wilson Architects specified louvres for their sustainability features and unmatched durability.

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3. Pulteney Grammar School

Pulteney Grammar School

The unique louvre façade at Pulteney Grammar School designed by JPE Design Studio complements the light, airy and colourful learning environment of the Middle School campus.

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4. Arthur Phillip High School

Arthur Phillip High School

The vertical ideology presented a new set of design challenges and performance requirements for Grimshaw Architects and BVN, with the NSW Government’s first vertical school.

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5. Ballarat Grammar School

Ballarat Grammar School

Automated louvre windows specified by McIldowie Partners for Ballarat Grammar School ensure maximum use of cross ventilation for ongoing energy efficiency and reduced energy costs.

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There’s sufficient evidence to show that bad design choices can end up costing money over the life of a school – for example, through higher maintenance costs with ongoing repairs and replacements. Well-designed school buildings are cost-effective and provide a long-term community asset.

Contact us to learn more about how Safetyline Jalousie can help keep school buildings safe and fit for purpose, as well as deliver the best long-term value for money.