Inspired by the beautiful and magnificent stone castles built during the Middle Ages, Jonite wondered if they could incorporate the rustic appeal of natural stone into durable, functional grates. Thus began their journey to creating the world’s first reinforced stone grate. In the years since, they have developed into a brand that supplies a variety of architectural products in various standard applications. Jonite also provides a bespoke design service for their products. 

Jonite products and designs come in a wide range of engaging collections to bring a fresh vison to hardscape, transforming ordinary surroundings into a unique expression that celebrates creativity and passion.

Trench Grates- Natural reinforced stone trench grates, a modern finish that complements any city’s hardscape. With SABdrain channel and Jonite trench grates, even the humble grate can be elevated to match your design.

Tree Grates- In our concrete jungles today, trees play an essential role not just aesthetically, but also to complement the modern-day drainage system. Complete the look with Jonite reinforced stone tree grates.

Pool Grates- With its natural beauty and suitability superior to natural granite, Jonite swimming pool grates make for the perfect pool grating with their low heat & water absorption.

Ventilation Grilles- Ventilation grilles are a natural extension of Jonite’s existing reinforced stone hardscape products. Ventilation can now be beautiful & multi-purpose, enabled by our highly customizable designs and excellent load-bearing strength.

Street Benches- Stone Street furniture doesn’t have to be heavy and bulky. It can be sleek and modern but still be able to withstand the elements – rain, sun, sleet, snow, or more. Jonite’s elastic panels make the perfect site furnishing such as street benches.

Why Choose Jonite?

  • Sustainability - At least 30% is made from recycled material & 95% is natural product
  • High Performance - High performance that is compliant to international load standards
  • Stone Aesthetics - Jonite provides a finish that is not only luxurious but also natural to the touch.
  • Durability - Jonite is durable, preventing rust and corrosion
  • Slip Resistant
  • Theft Resistant



  • Made from Nature - Jonite ensures their trench grates are made of at least 95% natural aggregates and only 5% hybrid polymers
  • Made to Measure –Jonite delivers only what clients need when they need it. Less waste, more smiles.
  • Less Waste, More Potential - Products are made of 30% of recycled materials
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint - By making a conscious choice to innovate against cast iron & steel in Jonite products– effectively lowering their carbon footprint by over 16x.
  • Lifetime Durability - Installed as intended, Jonite products are designed to last a lifetime. Heavy-duty, low-water absorption, corrosion and rust-resistant – sustainable for life.

Bespoke Service

All Jonite products can be tailor-made to suit any application for any environment, empowering architects to make bold and imaginative statements. You can customize patterns, hole size, sizes, colours, textures & so much more.

  • Custom applications – Jonite has helped architects create street furniture, ventilation grilles that also serve as a walking platform, decorative shopfront wall panels and more.
  • Tailored load requirements
  • Unique patterns and aesthetics - Be it sleek elegance, or playful modernity, you can achieve the perfect look by choosing to customise the patterns of any of Jonite products.
  • Colours that match your project - Jonite’s unique composite stone material enables you to choose any hue or texture to perfectly express your creativity.

A plethora of size options - Have a unique design vision which calls for curved drainage covers or odd shapes or sizes? You can customise any Jonite design to specific dimensions to cut down on construction inefficiencies.