Pyrotek's Australian-made mass loaded vinyl, Wavebar® is celebrating half a century of manufacture and supply to the global building, transport and marine industries. 

Manufactured under ISO9001:2015 standards, Wavebar® controls noise transfer to provide our customers with comfort, confidentiality and privacy. Pyrotek’s strong R&D team and extensive data analysis, has allowed Wavebar® to evolve with the industry requirements of global customers.  

The dense core of Wavebar®, reduces and absorbs the sound transfer between walls and ceilings in commercial and industrial buildings, while reducing the noise transmission generated from mechanical equipment, engine noise and audio electronic devices. Wavebar® is easy to cut and install, while providing flexibility when installed in challenging spaces such as pipes, ducting, light fittings and power points. From an environmental perspective Wavebar® contains no ozone-depleting substances and is in full compliance with international standards for Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions.

“Fifty years of manufacturing is an incredible milestone and one that we are extremely proud of. Wavebar® has experienced exceptional growth to be today’s market leader and a key contributor to the global success of Pyrotek.  Our team of skilled engineers and scientists bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to satisfy the requirements of our customers with the highest quality mass loaded vinyl. We are established in developing the latest noise control solutions to keep ahead of the market needs” says George Tstios, Global Business Manager – Noise Control.

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