The Sanisplit macerators, available from Pump Factory , make it possible to install a toilet, a complete bathroom or a kitchen anywhere even far away from the sewage pipe (basement, understairs, garage, etc).

The Sanisplit macerator boxes allow discharging in a small pipe with a diameter of 32 or 40mm into the nearby sewer.

The function cycle is completely automatic and macerates organic residuals, toilet paper and it pumps wastewater up to a height of 11m and a distance of 100m. people can install a bathroom wherever and however they want.

  • People can create a bathroom or utility room anywhere, even far away from the sewage pipe
  • There is no need for costly and difficult masonry work
  • Either with external pipes or with invisible internal connections
  • The removable unit can be detached without having to dismantle the WC bowl and pipes