Pump Factory offers the quality, Italian made Sanisplit grey water pumps that are approved and tested to Australian Plumbing codes.

The Sanisplit grey water pumps feature Pump Factory’s strongest split-system macerator toilet/sink pump with 600 watt motor.

The Sanisplit grey water pumps feature an internal dry spot, which means it won’t be harmed by boiling water and can handle mild acid.

The Sanisplit’s one-way valves are built to prevent the pumped water returning to the unit and internal plumbing. The macerator and grey water pump comes complete with blanking caps and can be used for 1 basin or complete bathroom with toilet.

The Sanisplit grey water pumps are ideal for huge applications such as police head quarters, hairdressers, coffee shops and supermarkets.

The Pump Factory Sanisplit grey water pumps unit helps make maintenance easy and simple without disconnecting pipes, WC, without using tools or expensive service technicians