1,100 Watt high head submersible drainage pumps are now available from Pump Factory . They feature an automatic mercury floatswitch.

These submersible drainage pumps also have an open vortex impeller which allows soft solids handling up to 35mm. And their built-in air-bleed vent eliminates airlocks and keeps the pump primed.

These submersible drainage pumps are suitable for portable use around the house after flooding. They are also recommended for water tanks, grey water, irrigation, and gardening.

Further features of 1,100 Watt high head submersible drainage pumps:

  • Power supply: 230 volt / 50Hz / Single Phase
  • They feature a Powerful 1,100 Watt motor
  • Head: high pressure 110kpa or 11m (maximum)
  • Mechanical seal: premium quality carbon ceramic
  • They have an Australia approved 3 pin electrical plug
  • They have a long cable length of 10m
  • Outlet size: adjustable hose barb
  • Revolution is 2950 rpm
  • They have a high flow of 15,500 litres per hour (maximum)
  • Automatic floatswitch: Yes mercury float
  • The shaft is made of high grade stainless steel