Common problems around car parks, factories and offices are blind corners. Have you ever had a near miss because you could not see that car, cyclist or even worse a pedestrian?

Convex mirrors aid vision on those hard to see corners, laneways, corridors or any intersections that could lead to collisions and injury.

Blind corners are a common problem and there is a simple solution. Convex mirrors strategically placed help avoid collisions at blind or obscured intersections.

Convex Mirrors also assist supervision of machinery or production lines, giving that extra observation point or can be used for security and surveillance.

Polite Enterprises has a range of Convex mirrors, which feature heavy-duty fixtures. These Convex mirrors are lightweight, shatterproof and easily installed. Convex mirrors are individually packed and include all fixtures plus installation instruction.

The Polite Enterprises range of Convex mirrors overcome the hazards associated with obstructed and blind intersections on roads, driveways, parking lots and loading docks. This range is strong, stable and able to withstand all weather conditions without fading or cracking.

Polite Enterprises specialises in road, traffic and car park safety products and related services.