The minimalist trend is all-pervasive in design, its focus being to add value to life by reducing clutter in any space. Minimalism is a great way of living with less, and one of the best places to showcase the trend is in the bathroom.

Minimalism in modern bathroom design is about reimagining the space, carefully selecting the right fixtures and fittings, and using a colour palette that introduces tranquillity and harmony in the room. A minimalist bathroom is both stylish and functional – here are a few insights to help you create the perfect bathroom space.

1. Crisp and clean lines

Your journey to a minimalist bathroom begins by stripping back each element. With ‘less is more’ as the basic principle, reduce the number of materials in the space to create a serene vibe. A simple combination of black fixtures against white tiling can result in a crisp and clean look without a clinical feel. Or simply go with a single colour or material to achieve a unified look. Another suggestion for reducing clutter is to use floating cabinets and wall-mounted toilets, which will keep the floors free from obstructions and add a seamless line of sight throughout the space.

2. Seek out special fixtures

Old-fashioned fittings can overwhelm the space; therefore, replacing them with sleek modern fixtures will do justice to the minimalist theme. Selecting Brushed Gold finish tapware can create a striking look against grey tiles, or Brushed Nickel can exude subtle warmth that works beautifully in a minimalist setting. Since minimalism encourages neutral colours, products that are toned down will pair well with the palette. Avoid any materials that appear too flashy, shiny or glossy.

3. Go bold, go natural 

Modern storage solutions for bathrooms can successfully declutter the space with their smart designs. If you have some space to play with, introduce a slice of nature in your bathroom. A green element is an important part of the minimalist tradition. For example, if you have a skylight in your bathroom, decorate the space with a touch of greenery and offset it against the marble tiling and clean lines of your tapware and basin. You could also choose a freestanding bathtub with a bulbous shape that echoes a sensuous flower form.

The best way to adopt minimalism in the design of your bathroom is to be bold and confident of the choices you make – remember, you can never go wrong with less, and the minimalist look is here to stay.