An LED lighting solution from Philips Lighting was installed as part of an upgrade project at the Castle Hill BMX Club in Sydney, significantly enhancing energy efficiency and improving safety for riders.

Sports centres can extend daily usage of their facilities, ensure safety and flexibility for users, and reduce energy consumption by incorporating lighting specifically designed for them.

A highly popular sporting and recreational facility, the Castle Hill BMX Club is used by more than 300 local and 1,600 state individuals every year. The existing lighting infrastructure at the facility used an outdated metal halide system, which needed to be upgraded for improved lighting efficiency, reduced system maintenance and enhanced rider safety to fully realise the potential of the facility.

The Hills Shire Council approached Philips Lighting with the aim of revamping Castle Hill BMX Club’s lighting using a complete LED solution. Key goals of the upgrade included energy efficiency and reduced maintenance, together with ability to provide concentrated light with reduced glare to improve rider safety.

Philips Lighting recommended their OptiVision LED system, which offered optimised operational savings across maintenance, energy, light quality, safety and visual comfort. The LED lighting system assured energy reduction of up to 65%, increased flexibility of the facility, and improved green footprint of the space.

According to Joanne of Castle Hill BMX Club, not every BMX track in NSW, or the country for that matter, had lighting in the first place. Now by upgrading the lighting at their facility, the club has facilitated increased training opportunities for riders every night of the week.

The Philips OptiVision LED solution offers an innovative floodlight system with dedicated optics that ensures maximum efficiency and accurate light distribution with minimum spill.