Heritage restoration and adaptive reuse projects are on the rise across all Australian capital cities. In Sydney alone, an estimated $100 million worth of heritage property exchanged hands in 2018. With heritage restoration and adaptive reuse now in vogue, a critical look at outdated surface restoration methods is needed, especially pertaining to the risks such methods pose to the health of contractors and occupants, the environment and the heritage buildings themselves.

Balancing health and heritage: The safe method in heritage surface restoration and conservation provides a summary of the rise of heritage restoration and adaptive reuse projects in Australia and a critical examination of the risks inherent to traditional methods of surface restoration such as grinding, blasting, burning and sanding and their impact on public health, safety, and the environment. The risk of damage to the structure and appearance of heritage buildings from abrasive restoration methods is also briefly discussed. The “poultice method” is presented as a viable, safe solution that supports core sustainability principles.

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