John bought a brand new Oz Mulcher 30EX excavator flail mulcher from Oz Turners and Mulchers three years ago to attach to his brand new mini excavator.  

The Lismore, NSW-based contractor invested in the 30EX excavator flail mulcher to work on a roadside maintenance project for the local council. The work involved trimming back branches that hung over the road as well as mow down all the scrub and bushes that were growing on the inaccessible embankments.  

Using the reach of his excavator, John was able to complete both jobs easily and the quality of the finished work led to further projects that included clearing creek beds, mulching nuisance scrub at the local football club as well as several civil jobs.  

Key advantages of the 30EX excavator flail mulcher from John’s perspective include the sheer versatility of function, reliable performance, an easily transported mini excavator and very little damage caused to the grass during execution of work.  

These advantages have helped John bag more jobs from multiple agencies. John finds the 30EX mulcher highly reliable as he has had to replace only one set of flails during the last three years.  

The high manufacturing quality of the 30EX excavator flail mulchers as well as all Oz Turner and Mulcher products ensure minimum downtime for contractors and durability that will last for many years.  

The 30EX mulcher is still going strong and so is John’s excavator as mulching is far easier on the excavator’s boom than digging or hammering. The 30EX excavator flail mulcher connects straight to the excavator’s current hydraulic system and does not require any further hydraulic cooling.   

The 30EX excavator flail mulcher is available from Oz Turners and Mulchers.