Available from Online Lighting , Brightgreen DR700 LED retrofit MR16 bulbs uses just 10.5 watts to produce a light output of 720 lumens, equivalent to that of an average 50W halogen light.

This retrofit light bulb is compatible with all 12V transformers and can simply be used to directly replace a removed MR16 halogen.

DR700 LED lights have no toxic materials or by-products and has been designed to last. They are also efficient enough to carbon neutralise 117hrs of use, 0.16% into its designed life.

The lights can be disassembled by hand and Brightgreen will buy back the light at the end of its service life so that it can be refitted or reformed. DR700 LED lights use long life components such as Ceramic Capacitors and product life is estimated at 70,000hrs, however, all components are rated at 100,000hrs+.

These LED downlight bulbs also feature a failsafe thermal monitoring system to ensure the product does not cause a fire. It also produces no UV or IR light and it contains no hazardous substances like mercury. 

The DR700 bulb is available in Warm White.