Online Lighting  presents an award-winning range of LED downlights from Brightgreen designed for residential and commercial lighting applications.

Brightgreen’s D900 LED downlights match 50W halogen lights on brightness while using only 25% of the power and lasting up to 15 times longer. The LED downlights allow power savings while preventing planned obsolescence.

While offering all the benefits of LED, the D900 55º is exactly like a halogen light with similar wiring and dimming, allowing easy specification.

D1000 LED downlights are 16W LED 5000K cool white lights with the 45º lens option for high ceilings offering even more lighting solutions.

Both D900 and D1000 LED downlights are dimmable straight out of the box using standard leading, trailing or universal Triac dimmers. The LED lights can also be dimmed using an analogue 0-10V input to the Brightgreen M-Dim.

The M-Dim can also be used with the DH1 to automatically regulate light levels in the course of the day.

Key features of D900 LED downlights:

  • Dissipates heat in hot Australian conditions ensuring long life
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Average payback of 2 years in residential and 1 year in commercial installations
  • Achieves high 80% lumen maintenance at 70,000 hours
Key features of D1000 LED downlights:
  • 1083 lumens of light with excellent light quality (CRI85)
  • Universally dimmable and CBUS compatible
  • Full 55-degree anti-glare lens
  • Zero fire risk
  • Solid state fan
  • Gimbled
  • Mercury and heavy metal-free
  • No UV light
  • No flickering
  • Uses only 1/4 of the power consumed by a halogen
  • 90mm hole cut-out
  • Finishes: Silver 55º, White 55º, Silver 45º, White 45º
  • 16W CRI85 LED 5000K Cool White
  • Constant current dimmable driver included