Nullarbor Sustainable Timber continues to search for and acquire as many recycled timbers that Australian demolition sites have to offer.

As part of Nullarbor Sustainable Timber's environmental policy, the company demands careful salvage of used industrial timbers to maximise the potential for re-processing. Nullarbor continues to encourage and educate the demolition industry in understanding the negative impact of outdated, destructive demolition practices. 

This sustainable initiative is directly responsible for the salvage of several thousands of cubic meters of recycled native timbers. 

Nullarbor promotes potential clients to consider a recycled alternative wherever possible, keeping in mind the flexibility of species and sizes. In order to maximise the ‘recycled timber’ options, Nullarbor will assist consumers to avoid ‘size specific’ and ‘species specific’ criteria, limiting the energy required for re-processing along with limiting any waste product.

Nullarbor Sustainable Timber are committed to making substantial annual donations to community groups for the planting of replacement trees.