With the new Orchestra MAX awning fabric from Nolan Group, it’s business as usual, regardless of the weather.

Many businesses, especially those from the hospitality industry are affected by inclement weather. Rain can really dampen patronage in businesses that offer the alfresco experience. Nolan Group now offers an awning solution that allows these businesses to use the weather to their advantage.

Part of the Dickson range of awning fabrics, Orchestra MAX features an innovative treatment, where rainwater can assist with the cleaning process, simplifying maintenance on your outdoor structures.

The water resistance in the Orchestra Max awning fabric comes from a transparent and impervious coating on the underside. Ideal for fixed and permanent installations located outdoors such as awnings and pergolas, Orchestra MAX guarantees long-term colour fastness and excellent protection against both UV rays and inclement weather.

Currently offered in a select range of colours, Orchestra Max will soon be available in a complete palette.

Watch how Orchestra MAX awning fabrics can work to your advantage.