The hospitality industry is governed by strict standards and regulations, especially when it comes to food service. According to the Australian & New Zealand Food Authority, ‘a food business must maintain all fixtures, fittings and equipment, having regard to its use’ (2012, Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code).

Architects, designers and specifiers can assist their hospitality clients meet industry standards in a highly competitive and regulated market without compromising on the aesthetics.

Cordova Ultra from Nolan Group is an iconic brand in commercial vinyl upholstery, providing a stylish and easy-to-clean surface to suit the tough requirements of hospitality environments. Designed in Australia for Australian conditions, Cordova Ultra is manufactured using cutting edge technology, and is protected by the innovative SilverGuard antimicrobial system and Permashield Plus anti-graffiti finish for long-term performance.

While the SilverGuard finish diminishes odours and prevents bacteria and mould build-up, the Permashield Plus coating removes stubborn stains and graffiti with ease. Key attributes of Cordova Ultra commercial vinyl upholstery also include abrasion resistance, fire retardant properties, UV stabilised material, and three-year warranty.