Moddex connectors are hot dip galvanised before the critical locking screw thread is machined. This is the normal process for treating all cast components because threads cannot survive the intense heat of the molten zinc bath and also risk unacceptable build-up of zinc.

However, Moddex goes a step further by applying a thread protection coating after the hot dip galvanising and thread cutting process. This final zinc coat covers both the previously hot dip galvanised surface and the freshly cut threads, creating a dual finish on the main body of the connector and a durable coating on the raw steel that is exposed during the thread machining process.

The additional protective coating on Moddex connectors ensures that the threads hold up exceptionally well even in corrosive environments; these are also supported by product warranties.

Pipe connections without a thread protection coating typically face early failure.

The comparison image above shows the failure of a thread that is not protected, beside a superior Moddex connection with thread treatment. Also demonstrated are the smooth edges of Moddex’s Ergonomic Connector designs.