External blinds and awnings from Markilux Australia offer energy-efficient solutions for outdoor entertaining areas such as a patio or balcony while maintaining great comfort indoors.

External blinds and awnings are all about comfort: Markilux’s Shadeplus is an automated vertical blind, which drops down from the front profile of folding arm awnings to protect against low lying sun. Designed to be completely concealed when not in use, Shadeplus is part of the Markilux range of outdoor blinds that are retractable and feature a neat modern finish. Optional extras such as infrared heating or lighting and sound systems, help create a warm and inviting setting.

Conservatory awnings are recommended if a larger entertaining space needs to be protected. They can shade more substantial areas because they’re installed over a supporting structure such as a pergola-style frame and run in fixed guide tracks, which also gives them greater resistance to high winds. For windows with a view, external vertical blinds covered in specially designed screen fabrics are a popular choice as they assist with glare and heat reduction while maintaining an outlook to the beach, the coastline or the mountains.

External blinds and awnings are also an excellent way to save money by cutting energy bills. Markilux blinds can be used to shade windows because the sun’s heat mainly enters a building through its glazing. Markilux awnings can block up to 95 per cent of the sun’s heat from entering a building and eliminate or reduce by up to 75 per cent the need to air-condition in summer. The retractable blinds allow the sun’s rays in winter to naturally heat the home.

Outdoor vertical blinds help to retain heat inside in winter and block it from coming indoors in summer. Folding arm awnings can shade indoor areas while conservatory awnings can stop heat transfer through glass conservatories or skylights. This translates into less energy used to heat and cool, greater indoor comfort, and a substantial saving on energy bills.