Over 50 years ago markilux  revolutionised the awning and external shading market by introducing acrylic fabrics as the industry standard, and we have been at the forefront of innovation and development ever since.

Because markilux is the only manufacturer of premium external shading products, which also develops and weaves its own fabrics, we are able to move with trends and develop new technologies much quicker than our competitors.

In 2000 we launched our innovative polyester-based sunsilk fabric, which is not only technically superior to acrylic, but also offers an unlimited colour palette allowing for striking designs to match any style or taste.

Sunsilk’s technical and visual brilliance meant it quickly surpassed the popularity of acrylic fabrics, and so we embarked on a journey to develop a brand new, polyester-based fabric, which would combine the more rustic look and feel of acrylic with all of the high tech features of sunsilk.

After almost four years of development and an investment of almost €5 million we launched our revolutionary sunvas fabric in 2012 – another markilux first.

In 2013 we are proud to launch our brand new World of Colours collection, which represents a major leap in external shading fabric innovation. The markilux World of Colours collection is an extraordinary, polyester-based external shading fabric collection comprising over 250 patterns, colours and designs, the likes of which have never before been seen and are available only from markilux.

Experience the markilux World of Colour today.