Markilux Australia  presents a comprehensive range of multi-functional awning solutions for homes.

Outdoor shading is an essential part of a home’s energy saving strategy with an awning considered as one of the most popular and effective solutions. Awnings offer the flexibility to control the amount of solar energy that enters the home, especially through glass facades.

A well-designed and functional awning can help reduce the conversion of solar energy into radiant heat, benefitting the living space with comfortable levels of visual light and more flexibility to naturally ventilate the home.

Awnings in winter help to reduce the transmission of visible light, and can also be retracted to allow the warmth of the sun to heat up the indoor living space. External awnings allow passive control of solar energy, benefitting the homeowner substantially throughout the year with reduced dependence on air conditioning and heating systems.

Markilux awnings are multi-functional outdoor shading solutions that combine excellent energy saving properties with stylish design and functionality, offering a range of high-tech nano powder coat colours and an industry-leading collection of fabrics in over 250 colours and patterns to suit every preference.

Markilux awnings help achieve a 95% reduction in solar thermal energy radiation.