Available from Markilux Australia, 8000 Conservatory external awning systems are reliable, durable and easy to install.

Particularly suited to glass conservatories, Markilux 8000 Conservatory awning systems are also suitable for use with pergolas, playgrounds, courtyards, and cafes and restaurants.These external awnings are also ideal for extending seating areas of restaurants, cafes, pubs and clubs.

Rated to Wind Resistance Class 3 (Beaufort 6) 8000 external conservatory awning systems have a maximum coverage of up to 36.0m2 per unit. Three linked awnings can offer up to 108.0m2 of coverage. The maximum width of an awning is 6.5m and it has the ability to extend up to 7m.

These outdoor awning systems have a robust extruded aluminium cassette and two independently working gas pistons that create a precise and even fabric cover tension. Somfy motorisation provided as standard.

More information on Markilux 8000 Conservatory awning systems and their optional additions is available from Markilux Australia.