Earlier this year markilux introduced its brand new World of Colours fabric collection comprising almost 250 patterns and colours for folding-arm awnings, conservatory awnings and vertical blinds.

The reception from the market has been astounding, with the traditionally conservative Australian market now opting for bold stripes and bright colours over neutral tones. 

The markilux collection has been expanded to offer even more choice with the release of brand new screen fabrics.  Vuscreen FR, Vuscreen ALU and transolair offer consumers highly effective shading whilst maintaining privacy and beautiful views. Whether for a balcony looking out on to Sydney Harbour or for a high-rise penthouse overlooking the Melbourne CBD, markilux have a screening solution for every application.

Following in the footsteps of its highly popular predecessor, sunvas transolair combines the high-tech benefits of sunvas snc and incorporates small pinhole perforations to offer a uniform screen pattern which maintains views and prevents prying by nosy neighbours. Transolair can reduce light transmission by up to 98% and has the added benefits of the snc coating with self-cleaning effect making it the premier screening solution on the market.

Vuscreen is also polyester-based and is available in two different variants and a huge range of colours to suit every taste and application. Both variants have a beautiful uniform weave with an openness factor of 3%. Vuscreen FR offers extra protection where low flammability and fire retardant properties are demanded, with Vuscreen ALU providing even greater protection from heat and glare by means of a specially designed aluminium finish.

Using the right exterior awnings and blinds can significantly decrease the solar load placed on a home or office. Screen fabrics are especially useful in situations where it is important to maintain some level of light coming through the window, whilst reducing heat transmission. As energy prices soar, utilising high-tech external shading will reduce reliance on traditional cooling and heating methods which translates into big savings on your energy bills.