We’ve never seen anything like this before! What inspired the creation and design of the stormwater grates?

Well, to be totally honest, I kept seeing these ugly faded plastic or rusty steel stormwater grates everywhere. This made me think if only there was a way we could make these grates look good – and so the Lauxes Storm Water grate tops were born. A complete DIY option means no tradies, no labour costs, a cheap replacement option for the top tray. There is nothing like this on the market – an aesthetic, affordable and practical finish for popular stormwater drainage channels.

In comparison to the other Lauxes grates, what’s the difference in installation and appropriate use for the Storm Water grates?

If you already have a plastic stormwater drainage channel installed, it’s a simple top replacement. All you need to do is cut your new top to its desired length and replace the existing top tray with your Lauxes one! The stormwater grate is appropriate for any areas where large volumes of water need to be taken away (outdoor use).

If it’s a new installation, you will need to purchase your full stormwater grate/channel from a hardware or plumbing store. This must be 128mm internal top measurement. Follow their installation instructions, keeping in mind the straighter the installation, the better the finish (quick tip: install up against a straight edge or existing slab). Make sure you keep the existing plastic top in until completed and then finally remove the plastic top and insert your new Lauxes stormwater top.

Your new Lauxes grate is a fine finished product and should never meet any construction material such as wet cement as this can damage the finish.

What are some of the benefits of the Lauxes Grates Storm Water grates?

There are many benefits to these grate tops!

  • Aesthetic and practical
  • Top trays fully UV stabilised
  • DIY option for existing plastic drainage channels
  • Less debris caught in your drain (no drainage holes larger than 8mm)
  • Heel guarded
  • Easy to remove for cleaning
  • Available in 2 colours – Midnight and Silk Silver

Will there be more Storm Water grate styles, colours, and sizes available in the future?

Here at Lauxes Grates we are always working on new products! We have some new concepts in the making but are waiting to see how these go before introducing more. So… if you like what we’re doing, keep buying and giving us feedback and we’ll bring out more. The more feedback the better!