Lauxes Grates continues to lead the drainage market, one grate at a time. The company brings a paradigm change within the drainage market through a range of affordable, stylish, and practical solutions.

Continuously striving for innovation, Lauxes Grates has introduced the world’s thinnest tile insert grate – the Slimline Tile Insert 21 (STI21). A game-changer, the STI21 is a hero product for last minute in-situ applications.

Lauxes Grates sales manager and head of research and development Justin Corke elaborates on the inspiration and idea behind the STI21.

We know the STI21 is the thinnest tile insert grate on the market. Was there a specific situation that led to its creation? What was the inspiration behind the STI21?

There have always been people asking for thinner grates in the market, and more than ever since a range of waterproofing boards were introduced to the market. A little while ago, we worked closely with a company that was trying to use our 26mm STI with their new waterproofing board, but it wasn’t quite the right fit. With some trial and error, we were able to create the STI21, which worked perfectly in this type of situation.

Is there a particular scenario or application where the STI21 is more suitable? Tell us a little more about where this grate is going to be useful for trades?

A lot of builds and renovations have height requirements to meet and often this hasn’t been allowed for. This makes our 21mm deep STI perfect for these situations and makes it easier to achieve your falls. The STI21 is also a grate option for places like undercover balconies, as 5mm difference can be a lot of weight when it comes to screed (sand and cement).

Are there certain tiles that are suitable to be used with the STI21?

Any tile up to 10mm thick can be used with our STI21. As recommended with all our products, all grates must be installed using a neutral cure silicone. This includes using a nice clean silicone wipe as opposed to grouting.

What are the major differences in aesthetics and applications between the original Slimline Tile Insert (STI) and the Slimline Tile Insert 21 (STI21)?

The STI21 and STI are to be installed the same way and can both be used for various applications. The STI21 is purely thinner, coming in at 21mm thick. The standard STI is 26mm thick. Once installed, both will look the same; however, the STI21 will have a slightly decreased water flow.