Lauxes Grates has released their top selling linear grates for residential and commercial drainage in an exclusive matte gold finish. Available in NXT Gen 14, NXT Gen 26 and STI ranges, the new gold finish linear grates are practical and classy, giving your property the aesthetic drainage solution it deserves.

We asked our head of research and development, Justin a few questions about this exciting new colour range.

We know gold has been in demand for years but what eventually led to the decision to release linear drainage in gold?

It was simple – you asked, and we delivered. After the amount of people asking for gold grates, we just had to release them. We are constantly on the road visiting wholesalers, taking in their feedback and always listening to the market and its demands.

Are the gold grates for both indoor and outdoor use?

Absolutely, all Lauxes grates are UV stable, making them ideal for either indoor or outdoor applications. We use the best anodising techniques available for our grates and accessories, including a triple bath process. We also anodise all our products to 25 microns, making them perfect for any applications, including ones along coastal areas.

NXT Gen 14 gold grates

Is the whole range available in gold or just those certain styles?

The gold grates are only available in those three styles (NXT14, NXT26 & STI). We feel those three styles will cover most applications. If we did bring gold out in all styles, we would need to double our inventory, which would be quite difficult seeing as we extended our range a lot last year.

Do you have any tips or tricks for keeping the gold grates or any linear drainage looking their best?

There are a few important things to remember when buying or installing a Lauxes Grate. During installation, ensure that the grate is one of the last things to be installed. Just like your tapware and other bathroom accessories, you don’t want it to encounter any building materials, such as wet cement, grout, or anything sharp. This will affect the grate’s appearance.

When it comes to cleaning your Lauxes grate, always avoid any harsh chemicals, ensuring no bleaches or high acidity products are used on the aluminium. We strongly recommend warm soapy water and a soft bristled brush for cleaning, at least every 3 months. This will ensure you have a high-end finish for years to come.

Gold tile insert grate

What’s your favourite of the gold grate styles and why?

Our tile insert grate is the most popular, but I really like the NXT style in the gold grates as it seems to capture some GRATE shadow lines and it really stands out.