Anodised aluminium grates from Lauxes Grates are designed and manufactured to suit both indoor and outdoor installations.

What is anodised aluminium?

Anodising is an electrochemical process where the surface of the aluminium and its alloys are coated to a porous aluminium oxide. Anodising is used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of the metal parts. Anodising increases common erosion and wear resistance, making it the second hardest substance known to man.

Why anodise?

Anodising the aluminium makes the metal stronger and more durable by adding an oxide layer that is almost as strong as diamond. The oxide on aluminium is naturally corrosion resistant, making it very hard, abrasive-resistant and an insulator.

In terms of aesthetics, the anodising process adds a coloured anodic film that will retain and enhance the aluminium’s inherent beauty. These aesthetic and durability features make anodised aluminium the ideal material for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

All Lauxes grates come with a Lifetime Rustproof Warranty, giving customers peace of mind.

If you want to know more about our anodised aluminium grates, head over to our YouTube channel or check out the FAQs.