Kobelco Construction Machinery Australia announces a new remote monitoring system that simplifies tracking and management for fleet owners and managers.

With remote fleet tracking and management becoming more commonplace, machine owners and fleet managers seek systems that not only provide accurate data but are easy to operate, according to Kobelco’s General Manager - Sales & Service, Doug McQuinn.

Kobelco launched its first remote monitoring technology in Japan in 2001. The newest solution, Geoscan has been introduced in the market following a three-year intensive review to ensure equipment owners can access critical data.

According to Doug, tracking and managing the fleet is critical to business success. However, it can be particularly challenging in larger fleets where equipment is traditionally deployed across multiple sites or in rental businesses where machines are used by a wide range of operators.

The new Kobelco Geoscan fleet tracking and management system simplifies this task regardless of whether it’s used by an owner operator of a single machine or a large business with an extensive fleet.

Geoscan allows businesses to track fuel levels, service schedules and working hours among many other attributes, with the data available to key staff via their smartphones. Fleet managers and owner operators can easily access statistics such as location, work mode, fuel burn and key on-off times to assess asset utilisation, plan maintenance and make decisions on ways to use their equipment for optimal productivity and return on investment.

Doug adds that Kobelco has invested significantly in ensuring the Geoscan system is user-friendly and brings all the required information straight to the user’s phone or computer.