Tom Kelliher of Eire Contractors prefers to use Kobelco excavators for his operation as he believes that good staff and good equipment are key to company growth.
Specialising in construction and water works, Eire Contractors is based in Port Macquarie in New South Wales. Tom explains that he uses Kobelco machines for their reliability, fuel efficiency and excellent resale value. With 18 excavators at work, Tom is able to achieve significant fuel savings.
Since restructuring Eire Contractors in 2002, Tom has built up the business to 90 employees and about 30 machines, mostly of the Kobelco brand. According to Tom, one can have the best operators in the country but they cannot be expected to work at their optimum if put in unreliable equipment.
Some of the advantages of working with Kobelco machines include easy servicing and ready availability of parts. Servicing is only a maintenance requirement because there is no need to fix any machine, saving the owner time and money.
Eire Contractors runs jobs right across Australia, with several new clients based in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Tom attributes Eire Contractors’ success to hard work, smart equipment choices and a great team of people working in the business.
Eire Contractors is now looking to expand their fleet into the hire and rental market.
Kobelco excavators are available in Australia from Kobelco Construction Machinery Australia Pty Ltd .