Kompli™, the new compliance tool from Knauf Insulation has been developed to help architects and designers meet the new requirements for thermal bridging in Section J in the 2019 National Construction Code of Australia (NCC 2019). 

What it does

Kompli™ calculates thermal bridging impacts on the building envelope of: 

  • Walls
  • Roofs
  • Floors 

Why was Kompli™ developed? 

The impact of thermal bridging on the thermal performance of wall, roof and floor systems has been a long ignored issue in Australia (despite being considered around the world since the 1990s). Historically, thermal calculations were done to a layered approach (R-value product 1 + R-value product 2 + R-value product 3 etc.), which is quite simple. 

The NCC 2019, Section J now references AS/NZS 4859.2:2018, which is a new standard that focuses on in-service performance of insulation. The standard also references NZS 4214:2006 for thermal bridging, which outlines the requirements for calculating to Isothermal Planes Pathways. 

Despite thermal bridging calculations being highly technical, Knauf Insulation has developed a simple calculator, Kompli™ that provides a written assessment of systems to demonstrate compliance with the thermal bridging requirements of NCC 2019.

Knauf insulation calculation page

How it works

The Kompli™ tool includes templates that have been populated for common systems used in Australian construction using external linings such as brick, fiber cement cladding, ACP panel and aluminum sheeting linings, internal components comprising of timber and steel studs, roof spacers and non-combustible insulation used in these cavities, and with traditional internal linings such as plasterboard and ply finishes. 

Knauf insulation rendered images

Alternatively, designers have the ability to create solutions based on their individual project requirements by using the “Design Your Own System” feature. 

Each project has a dedicated “Projects Page”, giving designers the ability to save multiple systems for each project. Once completed, a PDF report of the project can be generated with details of each system, including specific make up and products required to achieve the determined thermal values. 

Benefits of Kompli™:

  • Simplifies a complex calculation
  • Complies with the most recent NCC 2019 update 
  • Calculates system R-value performance with thermal bridging 
  • Includes manufacturers who test and warrant their products 
  • Developed by a global manufacturer 

Register for Kompli™

To access Kompli™ visit www.komplincc.com.au, register your account and begin producing building envelope thermal solutions for your projects that Kompli™ to the new standards.