The latest version of Systems+ from USG Boral, a comprehensive catalogue of wall and ceiling systems and products, has been updated along with new versions of online tools BIMWIZARD® and eSelector.

USG Boral is committed to providing architects, specifiers, builders and contractors with tools to design and build code compliant buildings with confidence. The latest upgrades to these online tools makes it even easier for design and construction professionals to design, specify, tender and deliver NCC-compliant wall and ceiling installations. Avoiding costly and reputation damaging defects can help the industry restore confidence in the build quality of commercial and multi-residential projects.

BIMWIZARD® V3.3 from USG Boral includes an add-in for Autodesk® Revit® and Graphisoft® ArchiCAD® that streamlines the process of selecting, designing and creating the right wall or ceiling system for individual projects. The latest version is now available with new search filters, a material replacement tool, and the latest wall and ceiling systems.

USG Boral’s eSelector V3.0 is an easy to use and intuitive way to select from thousands of NCC-compliant fire-rated and acoustic wall and ceiling systems. More comprehensive than ever, system data sheets can be downloaded or architectural specification documents created using the improved Archispec Report feature.

According to Mark Nunner, USG Boral regional general manager NSW, the manufacturer delivers products and systems that are compliant, with documentation to support and maintain that compliance.

“Systems+ v2.1 online tools are easy to follow, however USG Boral is happy to work directly with contractors and installers to demonstrate how the systems work, and provide installation training, as we understand how important it is to help building professionals reduce risks and improve compliance when designing and constructing future projects.”

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