Kilargo has introduced the new Flexi-Wing hinge, designed to improve the performance of their IS1212/IS1515 elastomeric perimeter seals.

Fitted in the rebate of a door frame to contain smoke, sound, draughts, dust and light, Kilargo’s self-adhesive perimeter seals are strategically located in the impact-free zone, and adhere to the frame quickly and easily without having to remove the door.

The seal consists of a semi-rigid flame retardant PVC carrier combined with twin elastomeric sealing blades with an aggressive self-adhesive backing tape provided on both sides of the carrier.

The re-engineered Flexi-Wing allows smoother installation, resolving any potential issues such as door frames being out of square, whether acute or obtuse; offers reduced friction and resistance in door opening and closing; and delivers optimal fire, smoke and acoustic performance.

Kilargo seals are durability tested over 100,000 open and close cycles and comply with all BCA standards. These seals also have passed fire tests in accordance with AS1530 Part 4 as well as medium temperature smoke leakage tests in accordance with AS1530 Part 7; and have acoustic ratings in accordance with AS1191 and ISO140.3.