Keverton Outdoor  infrared heaters were installed at the Dandenong RSL Club to create a separate outdoor smoking area on the terrace.

The alfresco area was created to manage the proposed smoking regulations due next July and Kevin Smith of Keverton Outdoor was approached for some innovative ideas. After measuring the 18m x 6m terrace, Kevin suggested InfoTech infrared heaters from the USA.

The five large units and two smaller units of the infrared heaters installed in the outdoor area have been delivering great performance in spite of the space being quite large and fairly open. Members of the club have been completely satisfied with the heated outdoor room and have at times even asked for some of the heaters to be turned off as they give out a great deal of heat for their size and are unaffected by wind.

The outdoor heaters were installed six years ago and continue to deliver superior performance and comfort at the club.