Kaynemaile decorative folding screens create an elegant division between the bar and restaurant in the Grain of the Silos restaurant and cafe at Peppers Silo Hotel in Launceston, Tasmania. 

The restaurant and cafe, designed by ARTAS Architects, overlooks the Tamar River and focuses on locally sourced produce with its paddock to plate ethos. Dating back to the 1960’s, the heritage building which spanned 35 metres high containing grain in four large silos, is an iconic landmark converted into a sophisticated 9 storey hotel providing a unique place to stay in Launceston.

The restaurant and café are located inside the converted grain silos and displays features drawing on the buildings industrial and agricultural past. The tall Kaynemaile folding screens in Water Clear mesh were used to provide a clear division between the restaurant and bar and enhance the contemporary feel of the space. 

Kaynemaile folding screens can easily and quickly create functional areas which are more intimate and private while maintaining an open plan atmosphere - Perfect for this large and busy restaurant. The screen offers the flexibility to create two separate areas and can be retracted to create one large open area when needed. This flexibility is ideal for the Grain of Silos restaurant as this space is often used to cater for larger events where a large, open space is preferred. It can then be returned to a separate bar and restaurant simply by pulling the screen across.

With approximately 80% airflow through the cross-sectional open area, air compliant movement can be maintained in interior spaces where Kaynemaile mesh is in place. It will elegantly divide spaces but won’t interfere with heating or cooling systems, providing a consistent temperature throughout the entire space. 

Kaynemaile is lightweight (3kg per square metre) making for easy on-site handling and fast installation. This cuts down the installation time dramatically and saves costs.
Along with folding screens the Kaynemaile interior range includes Hanging Screens which can be hung freely or fixed at the bottom and Framed Screens which are designed to fit into framed openings. These screens can be made to any size, width by height, without joins making for a seamless, clean design.

Kaynemaile mesh is a patented, world-leading innovation. Its applications are limitless having been used on everything from car park facades to elaborate chandeliers. The team love collaborating on new and imaginative ideas. Made from engineering grade polycarbonate, the unique manufacturing process means we make what you need and that’s it. The materials are also fully recyclable using low-energy processes.

Design: ARTAS Architects
Location: Launceston, Tasmania
Photography: Dave Groves
Reseller: Austaron