A new whitepaper, sponsored by commercial washroom equipment manufacturer ASI JD MacDonald, examines the numerous considerations to take into account when specifying drying facilities for washrooms.

The whitepaper acknowledges that there is some debate between selecting hand dryers or paper towels. However, both methods have specific beneficial characteristics and each have their applications depending on the circumstances.

The paper goes on to examine each of those considerations in depth, including hygiene; high and low traffic usage; cost; acoustic and environmental aspects. Rather than making assumptions on any of the considerations for each of the methods, it’s important to investigate all potential issues before making a final decision.

Furthermore, the answer of how to choose between hand dryers and paper towels is not clear-cut, and different projects will require a different answer based on programmatic requirements. For instance, in a healthcare environment the hygiene and acoustic considerations might hold more importance than the consideration of cost. Likewise, the consideration of high and low traffic usage might be of more importance in somewhere like an airport, than acoustics.

ASI JD MacDonald also goes on to explain the differences in readily available hand dryers, such as high-speed dryers and hot air dryers.

The whitepaper is free to download and also includes a detailed breakdown on how to calculate running costs of hand dryers and paper towels, respectively, within the cost considerations section.

To find out more about the considerations for choosing the right option for your washrooms, click here.