JD MacDonald  is please to announce that it is updating its range of commercial compaction units with the launch of their latest innovative product, Rotobin 5000.

The Rotobin 5000 compaction unit is cost effective, fully automated, and specifically designed for the collection and compaction of rubbish within high density, residential applications.

Designed to fit directly under the EnviroTube or traditional steel garbage chute,

RotoBin 5000 compaction equipment compresses rubbish into a ‘wheelie bin’ for removal by hand to the collection area. As each bin fills, the compactor carousel automatically rotates, positioning an empty bin under the chute when necessary.

David Waldron, JD MacDonald‘s Managing Director explained, “Rotobin 5000 is the ideal collection and compaction unit to use in conjunction with our revolutionary product, the 100% recycled plastic EnviroTube. EnviroTube was launched earlier this year and is a light weight, environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional steel garbage chute.”

David continued by saying that the Rotobin 5000compaction unit is considerably smaller in size to its predecessor. “It was specifically designed to fit through standard doorways to ensure the most efficient use of waste room space. The standard 5 x 240 liter configuration maximises volume storage per cycle”.

Rotobin 5000 compactors are designed and manufactured in Australia by JD MacDonald who is passionate about supporting Australian made products and the Australian economy.