For two student accommodation buildings in Canberra, installation is currently underway. Marking the first project of its kind across the nation, it will comprise of approximately 400 façade panels that were engineered, designed and fabricated by CSR Inclose – a new business within the CSR Building Group. 

Providing the architecture, design and construction market with a complete façade system that is suitable for commercial and residential projects, CSR Inclose was established to keep up with industry demands; quick installation with an even quicker turn-around time. To be specific, a 200 square-meter façade can be installed in one day, emphasizing that project time is significantly reduced when compared to traditional scaffolding solutions. 

BVN Architecture and Lendlease utilised the façade system because of its endless design versatility and flexibility, which gave architects and designers free reign to nominate any preferred façade cladding type to use with the system. For this project, CSR Inclose is supplying 6,500 square-meters of façade. Using brick-slip cladding and factory-installed windows, both the nine-level North building and seven-level South building are being constructed with cross-laminated timber. 


Having only commenced the facade in June of 2018, the construction process has been extremely and undeniably fast, with forecasts suggesting that the buildings will be ready for occupation at the start of 2019 academic year. 

“Working with CSR Inclose has been a very positive experience. Using the Inclose system not only brought certainty to the project, but the prefabricated facade also meant that the design had to be completed early with great accuracy… at this stage, a significant portion of the façade has already been installed without complications and it looks great,” says Tim Crawshaw, Practicing Director at BVN. 

Although this project may account as one of the first to use CSR’s Inclose system in Australia, it is by no means a ‘new’ concept. CSR Inclose works closely with ISLAND Exterior Fabricators – a company based in New York that pioneered panelising façade design for over 18 years in the United States Market – to leverage their technology and informed designed expertise. 

CEO and Managing Director of CSR, Rob Sindel explains, “Through our alliance with ISLAND Exterior Fabricators, we are able to harness a wealth of international experience and design expertise. This, combined with the Australian construction industry knowledge from CSR, provides architects, engineers, and builders with a high level of specification and construction security.”

The Inclose façade system is high-performing, high-quality, quick to install and compliant with Australian Standards. It has also passed testing to Fire Propagation Testing and Classification, AS 5113, as well as Testing of Facades for Weatherproofing, AS 4284. 


Unlike other façade systems available on the market, services offered by CSR Inclose™ are available at every stage of the project; providing customised system designs, full-shop drawings and panel layouts in consultation with clients. 

CSR Inclose™ is well positioned to transform the commercial façade market, signifying exciting times ahead for the Australian architecture and construction industry. As Rob Sindel attests, “CSR is committed to delivering the latest technology and the most effective and cost efficient building systems. We continually invest in innovation, and our expansion into façade systems is a very natural progression.” 

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