With Australia’s population rapidly ageing, there is a growing awareness of the needs of older Australians and people living with a disability beyond the hospital or institutional context. Contemporary building design must carefully consider a wide range of ages, health conditions and physical ability levels to enable universal access to essential spaces such as bathrooms.

'The end of 'One-size-fits-all': Leveraging flexible fittings to create universally accessible bathrooms' highlights the need for access and universal design in contemporary bathrooms and explores how this can be achieved through the specification of adjustable fittings. After considering the overlap between age and disability, we discuss the importance of creating universally accessible bathrooms for these user groups. This is followed by a summary of the principles of Universal Design. We then look at the mobility issues that are linked to age and disability and how adjustable fittings can be used to address them. Finally, we present a range of high quality, adjustable bathroom accessories that deliver elevated levels of comfort, convenience and health for all users.

HLS Healthcare is a leading Australian supplier of disability and patient handling equipment. A registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider, this Melbourne-based company sources the highest quality healthcare products from Australia and around the world. The company’s diverse product catalogue offers a comprehensive range of bathroom solutions that meet the needs of all users, including the elderly, people with disabilities, carers and healthcare providers.

Download this whitepaper to see how adjustable fittings balance function and aesthetics to help designers and specifiers create inclusive bathroom environments.