Himmel Interior Systems are excited to launch Ambience by Himmel. This decorative acoustic collection is available in 16 beautiful colours across six unique product ranges. Made in Australia, the Ambience collection reflects the best of design and functionality with cool shapes and great acoustic properties.  

An ambient room is created by both the visual and acoustic effects within an environment, where a comfortable, romantic, fun or lively space can only be achieved by the level of ambience that is established. Ambience by Himmel is an innovative product range that combines acoustic and aesthetic solutions, resulting in beautiful interior spaces. 

Featuring a strong colour palette of eight neutral colours and eight accent colours inspired by the classic colours of Native Australian Flora, Ambience by Himmel provides endless design opportunities. The range consists of six unique decorative acoustic products, designed to create your ultimate ambient space. 

Ambience Flat Tiles allow a plain ceiling to be brought to life with a pop of colour. Available in two thicknesses, 13mm and 25mm, the Flat ceiling tile provides superb sound absorption for any commercial space. 

Ambience Baffle is a free hanging ceiling system which can be suspended from an existing suspended ceiling, a soffit or a plasterboard ceiling. Available in two designs, platform and rise, this product is the perfect feature for large open plan spaces where acoustic absorption is required.

Ambience Cloud is a discontinuous ceiling system which is available in eight different shapes and sizes. The clouds can be suspended from an existing suspended ceiling, a soffit or a plasterboard ceiling. Use a combination of shapes and colours to create an eye catching space!

Ambience 3D Tile is a unique ceiling and wall panel available in two designs, box and wedge. The 3D product has been designed to allow maximum design possibilities as the products can be run continuously from a ceiling and down a wall to create a beautiful centrepiece in any commercial space. 

Ambience Stick It is the perfect way to easily add a pop of colour and interesting shapes to any space. Simply peel the adhesive and stick onto a wall and it is installed! Stick It is available in seven different shapes and is the perfect combination of design and functionality as it offers good acoustic properties and is the perfect pin board for all those pesky papers and reminders. 

Ambience Panel is a ceiling and wall panel available in three different sizes. Brighten or soften a room with these beautiful flat felt panels which can easily cover existing walls and ceilings to create a luminous and comfortable space for any commercial interior. 

The entire ambience range has achieved Level A Global Green Tag Green Rate and Group 1 Fire Rating in accordance with ISO 9705. All acoustic results are available on the Ambience product datasheets. 

To find out more about our exciting new product range and to receive a sample pack, visit www.ambiencebyhimmel.com.au