The Covid-19 pandemic has created new challenges in the way we live and work. With maximum hygiene being prioritised across all aspects of life, people have become more conscious of their environments, especially surfaces they touch in workplaces, rest homes, department stores, childcare centres, or medical facilities with high-use appliances such as waste bins.

A hands-free waste bin is ideal for such environments as the user is able to bump open the bin with a hip, dispose of waste, and then bump the bin close again without having to touch the bin at all. However, integrated waste bins often have separate lids on them to control odours, with the user required to remove the lids by hand before disposing of waste.

Concelo by Hideaway Bins is the ideal waste bin for commercial specification, as it works with an electronic push to open function. This means the user can open the waste bin with their hip and dispose of waste without having to touch the unit. The synchronised concealed soft close runners operate smoothly, allowing the double bins to open easily and give the user access to both buckets instantly.

The hands-free Active Lid – a feature unique to Concelo – lifts off the waste buckets upon opening to allow contactless access to dispose of waste, and then automatically closes over the buckets for odour control when the bin is push closed. The Active Lid together with the electronic push to open function makes Concelo the ultimate hands free waste bin solution.

Concelo’s Clip n Clean componentry makes the bin very easy to clean, maintaining high hygiene in everyday use. The trays underneath the buckets can be removed with a simple clip off action and cleaned with hot soapy water. The Active Lid is also removable with very little effort and can be placed back just as easily, ensuring complete hygiene.

For more information on Concelo waste bins and to view these great features in action, please visit the Hideaway Bins website.

Concelo waste bins are available nationwide through Hideaway’s distribution partners – Hafele, Carters, Impeys, ITM, Rose City and Scooters.