The 3:East development in central Richmond designed by Fender Katsalidis Architects is based on prefabricated building technology innovated by Hickory Group. Comprising of 63 fully finished building modules complexed across 57 apartments, the 7-level project was installed on site in just 11 days. The project was able to achieve further time gains through the use of sub-assembled Sync bathroom pods.

The parallel onsite-offsite construction program was executed to schedule with the ground and base building works taking place onsite, and the modular structural assembly and bathroom prefabrication being executed concurrently offsite at the Hickory Group factory.

The building componentry was delivered in three parallel phases, allowing the project to be completed 50 percent faster than a conventional onsite build. The finished apartment bathrooms offer an exceptionally consistent quality of finish across the development.

Located at 37-39 Bosisto St in Richmond, the 3:East development was built by Adam Wood Group (base building) and Hickory Building Systems (modular apartments) for developer Bosisto Pty Ltd.