With so many timber flooring products on the market, the key question for designers and specifiers is simple: Is the product fit for purpose? Timber flooring must deliver the premium look and feel it is synonymous for, without compromising performance, functionality or durability. Everything from installation type to the type of finishing used on its surface will impact how a timber floor will perform. While experts in aesthetics, designers may not be experts in every technical aspect of timber flooring.

Right Place, Right Timber: The Importance of Choosing Fit-For-Purpose Timber Flooring explains the range of factors that affect product performance and the design considerations that must be carefully balanced to deliver a high performing and beautiful timber floor. First, we define what is meant by “fit-for-purpose” in the context of flooring. We then consider what happens if we get it wrong and choose timber products that are not suitable for the site conditions or do not meet the client’s expectations. Finally, we go into every product consideration relevant to selecting fit-for-purpose timber flooring, from species, quality and installation type to finishes, acoustic performance and sustainability concerns.

As designers and specifiers, it is not necessary to know all the information about every product on the market because experts in their own fields such as Havwoods Timber Flooring can provide assistance. Havwood’s breadth of knowledge and experience extends over 45+ years, allowing the company to inform industry professionals of the best product for each application.

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