Homeowners across Australia are increasingly integrating smart lighting controls in their homes for a range of benefits including convenience, aesthetics, security, and now affordability.

Shane Mitcherson from Alltronic Security & Electrical was tasked with providing an out-of-the-box lighting control solution for professional cricketer Chris Lynn’s home in Queensland. Mr Mitcherson explained that Chris travelled a lot and needed a lighting system that could be controlled remotely.

According to Mr Mitcherson, many electricians even today continue to be uncomfortable with lighting control systems because of the perceived complications with wiring and costs.

“I worked closely with Gerard Lighting to specify the Diginet Sitara Lighting Control System, which ticked all the boxes. It’s easy to install with no extra wiring required, very affordable, and with the use of a Sitara Bluetooth remote gateway, Chris could control his home lighting remotely,” said Mr Mitcherson.

Shane first installed 10 Sitara units and sent a video to Chris who was overseas at the time. Chris loved the system so much that he requested Shane to install the technology throughout the rest of the home.

Gerard Lighting provided a total of 43 Sitaras, seven MultiMate Slave Relays, one Remote Gateway and 50 MultiMate Push Button Dimmers – all compatible with the six Amazon Alexas that feature throughout the home for added convenience of voice control.

“Smart lighting, especially utilising the Sitara Lighting Control System, is incredibly convenient for me. When I’m travelling abroad, the Sitara smart scheduling makes the home safe and secure, simulating occupancy to provide that lived-in-look,” explained Mr Lynn.

“When I wake up at 5am in the winter, I can also schedule the lights to turn on to avoid tripping on something. If I’m having friends over, I can customise certain lighting scenes and moods for different entertaining areas.”

Mr Mitcherson found the installation process extremely easy. He said, “Utilising the innovative Sitara technology, which is all Bluetooth mesh, means it can be retrofitted easily and is more affordable.

“It delivers a Bruce Wayne worthy system complete with app, voice and wall control capability.